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Michele Marti is a sculptural furniture maker born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From a young age Marti was exposed to a multitude of cultures and art that expressed the value of the human body; pieces that captured the subtleties of a dimple or curve, the beauty evoked by touch or the incredible way, as Marti says, “we hold ourselves in reaction to the external world. Every reaction of the body and each interaction, tells a powerful story;” finding ways to capture these stories is what drives Marti’s practice and research. Marti received a Bachelor’s degree in fine art from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, in 2011. Since graduation Marti has had numerous publications nationally as well as internationally. In 2013 Marti was awarded a research travel grant from the Australian National University Research school of Humanities where she was given the opportunity to teach woodworking at an undergraduate level and extended education, also given time to create a new body of work which was shown in Canberra, Sydney Australia as well as the United States. In 2015 the University of Wisconsin – Madison awarded Marti an Advanced Opportunity Fellowship. In 2018 Michele completed her Masters of Art and Masters of Fine Art and received the 2018 Russell and Paula Panzcenko Award which gave her the to opportunity to present Derriére; a body of work which culminated over the course of her three years at UW Madison. Derriére was on display from April 2018- July 2018 at the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison Wisconsin. Marti’s research of the body and its interactions with surface has undergone series of transformations which led her to her latest work including printmaking and weaving with the visual element of the body as it is smashed and squished upon the surface of which it rests.